To this day there are still companies out there repairing hail damaged vinyl window frames using hardened fillers and epoxies. Up until around 2009, I had been using similar products, and can attest to their use as being less than reliable. Of course these repairs looked great when finished, but epoxies simply will not adapt to the seasonal changes Colorado is known for. Like many materials, window frames made of vinyl will naturally expand in the heat of summer, and in the cold of winter, contract. This leaves the brittle, non-malleable epoxy to crack out and eventually fail, sometimes in just a few days. (See upper right image). A very troubling result to say the least. Something had to be done.

     Thus began our search for a more structurally sound process. There just had to be a way of turning a single piece of rigid PVC, or vinyl, into the shape of any existing vinyl window frame, no matter the length, the contours, or the color. It had to be done without the use of a machine extruding through multiple dyes. It had to be done without ever having to cut into, remove, or alter the existing window in any way. And most importantly, it had to be done at a fraction of the time, hassle and expense of window replacement.

    Some  eight years later, things continue to take shape. Many of our custom, hand crafted Recovery pieces literally "snap on." They are then permanently mounted and sealed using a two step process, allowing the Recovery piece to expand and contract as needed, just like the existing frame, no matter the season. 

     Now that we've left the use of outdated techniques to the other guys, and are on our way to acquiring a patent for our new and improved process, we look forward to getting your windows back on the road to RECOVERY in as little time, hassle and expense as possible. 

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